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Ecco Jet Pump

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Ecco Jet Pump

The Ecco Jet Pump is an air operated vacuum system which offers a cost-effective and efficient method of site clean-up for inaccessible or enclosed areas such as storage tanks. Its unique aerofoil lift action and direct through-flow design ensure it obtains its maximum solids handling capacity. It is small and light-weight in design, and provides an effective alternative to the traditional bucket and shovel operation.

Air Requirements(cfm)250
Min. Operating Pressure(psi)80
  • Operates on compressed air, no other power required
  • Handles abrasive media size of up to 10mm
  • Handles a wide range of abrasive media
  • Recovery rate of up to 3 tonnes per hour (based on an air supply of 250 cfm)
  • Recovers loose abrasive media up to 10mm diameter, over a distance of 30m
  • Replaceable lines eliminate wear and tear issues
  • No moving parts
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Requires the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) (please see pages 21-39 for more details)
  • Manufacturer’s instructions ensure safe use and optimum performance
  • Available for sale or hire

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S91-JP001 Ecco Jet Pump
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