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Respirator Air Filter

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Respirator Air Filter

The Respirator Air Filter reduces odours, oil and water mist from the compressed air stream prior to entering the operator’s helmet. It is designed for one to four operators (standard three operators). Air from the compressor enters the filter through the side inlet port. Moisture is removed by expansion in the outer chamber and drained through a petcock at the bottom of the unit. The air is then forced through a replaceable filter cartridge containing several filtering materials, including activated carbon. The outlet pressure of the breathing air for the helmet is regulated with the pressure gauge and the pressure regulator.


  • Complies with OSHA regulator 1910.134 (Personal Protective Equipment for Abrasive Blasting: Respiratory Protection). The regulation 1910.134 (USA) defines a total system of which the air filter is only one component. For total compliance, the system must also include a NIOSH approved air fed helmet and a type of carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and/or removal system
  • Micromist kit is required to comply with AS/NZS1715
  • Features a pressure relief valve, along with four outlets
  • Does not remove carbon monoxide (Carbon monoxide alarms must be used at all times)
  • Manually operated moisture drains fitted as standard on all units
  • Designed to remove mists (including oil mist), water vapour and particulates
  • For connection to a 3⁄4 inch air hose
  • Airline sold separately
  • Manufacturer’s instructions ensure safe use and optimum performance
  • Available for sale or hire.

Product Code Description Add to Quote
S80-RESPF Respirator Air Filter
S80-RESPFC Filter Cartridge (Unflanged)
S80-RESPFC(F) Filter Cartridge (Flanged)
S80-RESP-FG Filter Gaskets (Flanged)
S30-RESP-FG4 Filter Gaskets (Unflanged)