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Graco Mark V Pro-Contractor

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Graco Mark V Pro-Contractor

Ecco offers a range of powerful, heavy duty angle grinders ideal for cutting, grinding, polishing and sanding.

  • Manufactured by Graco and fully CE marked
  • Electrically powered self-contained unit, does not require the use of an air compressor
  • Supplied ready to go with gun, spray line, toolkit, bottle of TSL oil
  • Provided as a cart mounted unit for mobility
  • Maximum spray pressure 3300psi
  • Replaceable filters prevent debris from entering the pump or damaging the paint work
  • Features a hose reel, LED display, fast flush and watchdog
  • Available for sale or hire

Max Tip Size 1 Gun (Th)39
Motor (HP)2.8
Weight (kg)68

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G10-16Y-866 Graco Mark V Pro-Contractor