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Breathing Air Filter Cartridge

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Breathing Air Filter Cartridge

Ecco offers two types of breathing air filter cartridges, the flanged and unflanged, both will fit into many brands of air filter units. Both air filter cartridges offer increased filter life with the use of quality filtration materials. Natural fibre felt swabs efficiently absorb oil from the air stream allowing the compressed air to flow through to the further stages of moisture and odour removal.
Filter Gaskets (Flanged and Unflanged)-Replacement Parts

Product PartProduct Code
Respiratory Filter (4 Outlet)S80-RESPF
Replacement Filter Cartridge (unflanged)S80-RESPFC
Replacement Filter Cartridge (flanged)S80-RESPFC(F)
Replacement Filter Gasket (8 Hole / Flanged)S80-RESP-FG
Replacement Filter Gasket (4 Hole/ Unflanged)S80-RESP-FG4

Please Note:The breathing air filter cartridge shown with a lip is flanged,without is unflanged

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S80-RESPF Breathing Air Filter Cartridge

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