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Blast Pot 24 Inch

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Blast Pot 24 Inch

Ecco offers a range of contractor blast pots depending on your requirement. The range offers unprecedented performance, safety, and portability. It also achieves efficient running costs.


  • Complies with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Low centre of gravity provides good stability and easy transportation
  • Roll bar handles protect the operator and the valve work
  • Large pipe work guarantees effective airflow
  • Filling head features a safety guard
  • A choice of blasting nozzles enables the use of a selection of abrasives
  • Operator safety feature includes a remote control Deadman system
  • Ease of use due to a water separator, abrasive metering valve and quick abrasive loading
  • A unique pop-up valve allows operation at very low pressures when used in conjunction with a factory fitted pressure regulator
  • Fitted with heavy duty wheels
  • Easy maintenance
  • Requires the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) (please see pages 21-39 for more details)
  • Hose not included as standard
  • Manufacturer’s instructions ensure safe use and optimum performance
  • Available for sale or hire

Capacity (kg)25(0.015m)75(0.041m)150(0.089m)150(0.163m)300(0.163m)
Height (MM)7801070110013201320
Width (MM)400670810850850
Diameter (MM)800800960960960
Weight (kg)3565115180240
Max. Air Pressure(bar)1212121217.2
Optional Extras include:
Increased hose length

Blast nozzles

Sieves to prevent debris entering the unit

Lids to prevent rain and foreign objects entering the unit

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S10-24600 Blast Pot 24 Inch
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